What we Do

Eye Conditions

Nayonika’s Eye Health Expertise serving Underprivileged across Karnataka state Free of cost

Charity Services

The trust is dedicated to the advancement of eye and vision care through awareness, treatment and monitoring. We strive hard to provide utmost care to all the communities by providing comprehensive visual health services. Some of them are as follows:

Community Outreach

Free Eye Checkup Camps

These camps serve to educate the local community on eye care and various eye conditions. Towards this end, several comprehensive eye care programs are organized.

Eye screening programs

  • Diagnostic Eye Camps
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camps
  • Workplace Eye Screening Camps
  • School Children Screening Camps
  • Pediatric Eye Screening Camps

Primary Eye Care Centers and Clinics

To support these outreach activities the Trust has started Primary Eye Care Centers at many places. Patients within the vicinity of this area can avail the facility of quality eye care and need not travel far distances for small eye problems and even for post-operative follow-up.

Education (Teaching, Learning and Training)

Nayonika’s training programs cater to all levels of ophthalmic personnel – these are intended not only for ophthalmologists but also for ophthalmic technicians, opticians, clinical assistants, outreach coordinators, health care managers and school teachers.


Our networked hospitals provide high quality and affordable services to the rich and the needy, yet be financially self-supporting. They have well equipped specialty clinics with comprehensive support facilities.

Eye Bank

In India, there is a very big need for corneas – for sight restoring surgeries. According to the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI), the number of eyes collected in 2014 has significantly improved. With a bigger vision in our mind, we are working hard to develop an efficient eye bank.


The research activities aim at finding new ways to reduce the burden of blindness. The combination of high clinical load, extensive community participation, and access to a large network of eye hospitals provides ideal opportunities for conducting clinical, laboratory, population-based studies and social and health systems research. We also encourage and support eye care product development.

Our Projects

Eye Health innovative  Projects which can be scaled, replicated across State of Karnataka

Nayonika Covid-19 Service

Nayonika extended support during Covid times with support of ICU, Covid Beds, Oxygen concentrators, Vaccination and PPE kits across State of Karnataka in curbing covid.