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Nayonika Vision Wall : Self Eye Screening tool designed in synergy with Government of Karnataka to Create Eye health Awareness to all the Individuals

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Eye disorders are among the main public health concerns in India. The main reason for blindness in India is the growing population and increase in ageing population. Cataract, refractive disorders are main eye disorders that lead to blindness among Indian population and can be avoided if screened, diagnosed, and treated timely.


It is possible to attain reduction in blindness by tackling the problems with intensive eye care campaigns and programs aiming to fight and reduce the incidence of avoidable blindness. One way of addressing this issue is by spreading awareness regarding eye disorders and educating people about eye health, and enabling them to comprehend the steps required to prevent/protect one’s eye. Unfortunately, awareness regarding eye diseases/disorders is low among the general masses in most states of India. Lack of knowledge about eye health among the public has led to negligence about one’s eye health/one’s family eye health and thereby led to late diagnosis of eye disorders, which if diagnosed at appropriate time will be treated adequately and will reduce the incidence of avoidable blindness.


In order to disseminate awareness among the local communities in India and to reduce the incidence of avoidable blindness in India, Nayonika Eye Care Charity Trust (NECT) has come up with the concept of “Nayonika Vision Wall” – a self-screening vision test project. The concept of “Nayonika Vision Wall” is to create mass awareness through posters and also through smart technology — where no medical operator, no specialised instrument and no doctor are required for screening, it will be purely self-screening by understanding the instructions and guidance.

The Theme of the Nayonika Vision Wall helps you “Test your Eyes yourself to understand your vision”. The offline posters are based on eye awareness and eye-self screening tests, which are positioned at many strategic public places including corporates, government schools in East Bangalore, and primary health centers across the state of Karnataka. The posters enable people to screen ones’ vision free of cost by themselves and to assess their own vision by the instructions provided on the posters, thereby, creating awareness and improving the knowledge about eye health among public. The test instructions and guidance are in Kannada and English.

This project was implanted in a phased manner over a period of time, the first phase of the Nayonika Vision Wall (NVW) was launched on December 23rd, 2017 in Karnataka with the support of Government of Karnataka and the implementation shall continue as a long term with the guidance of National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB) and Government of India.

  • From 23 Dec 2017 to 26 Jan 2018, 1000 NVW were installed in 1000 centres across Karnataka. 
  • From 27 Jan 2018 to 31 Mar 2018, 3000 NVW were installed in all the Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and district head offices across Karnataka.
  • From 1 Apr 2018 to 30 Jun 2018, NVW were installed in all the sub health centers’ across the state.

Success story

TILL DATE OVER 7500 NAYONIKA VISION WALLS installed Across Karnataka state.

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