Nayonika Chaatra Dristhi

Nayonika Chaatra Dristhi (Nayonika Makala Netra)

Eye health and vision have widespread and profound implications for many aspects of life, health, Education in children. Paucity of Eye health experts with accessibility across India poses a mega challenges in Driving Nation in betterment of Vision for Children.

In order to overcome the mountainous task, Nayonika Eye Care Charitable Trust (NECT) commenced in 2012 and have served over 20 lakhs underprivileged in synergy with Government health department through their 7 eye health projects to support adults with Free Cataract Surgeries, Truck drivers with Vision and Awareness for community.

NECT for Government school children have concocted project Nayonika Makala Netra(Nayonika Chhatra Dristhi) which been a successful model in State of Karnataka serving over Million Children.

With successful implementation in Karnataka state, NECT would scale with replicating success models across K2K map (Kanyakumari to Kashmir) covering 35 Districts from 13 states as it would create mass Eye Health awareness alongside driving nation towards Avoidable Blindness Free Nation.

Nayonika Chaatra Dristhi