NAYANA SEVA – Avoidable Blindness Free Bellary District Project


To MARCH towards Avoidable Blindness FREE Bellary District


BELLARY CEO, BELLARY ZP, Bellary DHO and Bellary Health and family welfare

Highlights of the Program

  • Door to door screening of each and every resident for any eye problem
  • Entire population of 30 lakhs
  • Providing free access to Free Eye Screening
    • Refractive errors
    • Cataract Identification
    • Other eye related problems
  • Distributing free spectacles on specific date
  • Surgeries to be conducted in Govt hospital
  • Entire constituency to be screened and every home to be provided with certificate of screening and AVOIDABLE BLINDNESS FREE Home
  • Installing Nayonika Vision Wall in each and every school
  • Creating mass eye health awareness
  • Post supervision for the sustainability of the program
  • Conducting follow-up of the program


  • Nobled in 2020
  • Over 1 lakhs 27 thousand residents of Bellary Urban been screened for eye problems
  • 1600 Government schools across district were installed with Nayonika Vision Wall
  • 1600 Government school teachers were trained with preliminary eye screening
  • Entire residents were screened and spectacles distributed
  • Surgeries were conducted for cataract identified patients