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    Eyes are an essential organ in the body and the ability to see things around us is required for each little undertaking we do. The thought of being blind makes us feel impaired and disconnected from the external environment. However,the view of millions of children and adults are being obscured by various vision related problems leading to blurring or blocked vision.

    According to the Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR) study on “Blindness”, about 25% of the total blind in India are due to corneal blindness. Majority of the blindness affects young victims mostly women and children, especially in the rural parts of India.Non-availability & non-affordability of quality eye care in rural India are the main reasons for the loss of visual acuity.

    In this scenario, Nayonika’s goal is to serve the community and minimize complete blindness by providing quality eye care services. We thus follow the 80:20 Model– 20% of the total eye surgeries will be for the affordable public who can pay and 80% of the total eye surgeries will be for the economically weaker sections which will be totally costless. The revenue generated from the 20% surgeries will subsidize the cost of surgeries by 80%.

    The momentum of this vision is taken forward by the benevolent support of those who contribute financially to Nayonika in various capacities. The cost associated with the whole process of serving the visually challenged people could be met by your generous donation. We require a large number of people to donate as it will enable us to provide quality eye care treatment for these patients. Your contribution will enhance us to provide our services at free of cost to those who cannot afford the healthcare costs.

    Your support is critical for furthering Nayonika’s humanitarian and scientific missions which will help us serve many more people and work towards our mission of providing affordable quality eye care services.

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